2022 Donor Acknowledgement

Thank you to the following community members for their contributions to the 2022 Annual Community Giving Campaign. Your dedication and support ensure the success of our Federation, assist with valuable community programs, provide for those in need, and support Jewish communities in Israel and around the world!

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Rabbi Shani Abramowitz and Joseph Eskin
Harriet and Michael Ades
Lisa and David Adkins
Andrea Alfi
Svetlana Alkhasova
Alpha Iota Fund
Debbie Aminoff and Steve Kraman
Susan and Dr. Paul Bachner
Daniel Baker and Tyler Arvin
Bernard and Pamela Barbash
Jana and Roy Barbe
Ira Mersack
Stephanie L Barrett
Robert Baumann
Dianne Bazell and Larry Kant
Angela and Antony Beck
Dr. Cynthia Beeman and Dr. Dennis Lynn
Rachel and Bruce Belin
Jo and Robert Belin
Karen and Stephen Benson
Philip Berger
Evalyn Block and Garry K. Hoover
Sheryl and Gordon Bogen
Leah and Pat Boggs
Jordan Brennan
Yolanda and Joseph Brill
Elizabeth and Bruce Broudy
Shirley and Jared Bryan
Alison and Bret Caller
Susan and Steve Caller
Jeff Moscow
Susan and Austin Cantor
Gilson Capilouto
Dr. Mary Lynne and Dr. Eli Capilouto
Jan and Jerry Cerel
Jane and Leo Chaput
Francie Chassen-Lopez
Brad and Mrs. Cherson
Diana and Rick Clewett
Susan Cobin and Randall Roorda
Arlene and Harry Cohen
Dr. Colby Cohen-Archer and Dr. Ray Archer
Aaron Ann Cole-Funfsinn and Greg Funfsinn
Carly and Trey Conatser
Judy Craft
Janice Crane
Laura and Trevor Creamer
Anthony A. Davidson
Dr. Cindy Derer and Dr. John Gohmann
Shirley and Gerald Dubilier
Vinnie Dubilier
Karen and Stephen Edelstein
Evalynne and David Elias
Mary and Bruce Engel
Ronit and Avi Eres
Sue and Barry Ezrine
Dr. David Feinberg
Phil Feinberg
Allison and Mark Finkelstein
Sandra and Mark Finkelstein
Joy and Simon Fisher
Joan and Robert Flashman
Sarah Fleischer
Mickey and Ron Fleischman
Hal Forbess
Marcia and Jeffrey Freyman
Diane and Martin Friedman
Lynn Furness
Lauren and Bill Gabovitch
Marilyn Gall
Robin and Steve Gall
Starr and Bruce Gantz
Katie Gardner
Jenn Garlin and Marcelo Guzman
Jann and James Geddes
Irmgard and Hans Gesund
Mindy and Jeff Glickman
Beth and Jonathan Glixon
Erin Gold and Bill McCoy
Marvin Alan Goldberg
Jonathan Golding
Judy Goldsmith and Andrew Klapper
Alice Goldstein
Beth Goldstein and Raphael Finkel
Ricki and Larry Goldstein
Susan and Steven Goldstein
Anne and Wayne Graff
Dr. Richard Greenberg
Barbara and Robert Grossman
Kathy and Michael Grossman
Mindy and Russ Haas
Estelle Hamburg
Cheryl and Eric Hanson
Mary and David Henderman
Joseph Hernandez
Tamara and Brian Hershinow
Kristen and Mark Hoffman
Nancy and Phillip Hoffman
Carol and Ronald Hustedde
Susan Isaacs, PhD
Darcie and Jim Jarman
Sheila Jelen and Seth Himelhoch
Jacquelyn Johnson
Eva and Alan Kaplan
Odette Kaplan
Minna Katz-Brown
Mimi and Micah Kaufman
Steven Krasoff
Kathie and Louis Kroot
Janice Kuperstein
Jana Brooking and Mark Brooking
Peggy and David Leep
Sylvia Lenhoff
Alissa and Robert Levine
Sandy Levy
Dr. Arthur Lieber
Dan Liebman
Sarah Liebman
Connie and John Loventhal
Elise Mandel and Joseph Anthony
Judith and Dr. David Marwil
Debbie Masters and Nick Fain
Amy Faust Mayer and Michael Mayer
Paula and Eli Mertens
John and Claudia Michler
Annette Milch
Penny Miller Harris
James Miller
Lisa and Jonathan Miller
Roberta Miller
Susan and Jack Miller
Joyce and Jimmy Mischner
Andrea Moore and
Ross Moosnick
Linda Mundy
Ellen and David Nathan
Deborah and Peter Nelson
Dr. Valerie Nicholson and Dr. Brent Haskell
Betty and Lowell Nigoff
Rich Nolan
Dominique Olbert
Angie and Richard Ornstein
Hadley and Adam Parritz
Karen Petrone and Kenneth Slepyan
Eve Podet and Michael Finucane
Rhoda-Gale and Sanford Pollack
Jeremy Popkin
Janet Powell Kalisz
Marian and Abe Rabiner
Linda and Leon Ravvin
Marilyn Robie and Art Shechet
Pamela and Daniel Gottlieb
Ricki and Joe Rosenberg
Kim and Robert Rosenstein
Ann Rosenstein-Giles and Bill Giles
Carol Rosenthal
Rose and David Ross
Gerald Roth
Aaron Rothke
Marie and David Rudder
Jessica Sacks and Howie Rackmil
Diane Sadle
Justin Sadle
Simone and Art Salomon
Erin and Seth Salomon
Judith and Nat Sandler
Judith and Stan Saxe
Mark Scarr
Janet Scheeline and Billy Spickard
Beth and Scott Schumacher
Smith and Erik Schwartz
Gerald Schwarz
Joshua and Aaron Shapiro-Howard
Lisa and Eric Share
Karen and Dr. Steven Shedlofsky
Marianne and Harold Sherman
Patricia & Dr. David Shraberg
Boris and Olga Shur
Susan Sloss
Angie and Jonathan Smith
Hanna Smith
Charles Spiegel
Brenda Starr
Kathy Stein
Alan Stein
Eleanor Sutter
Ilona Szekely and David Parsell
Laura and George Szekely
Lisa and Dan Taulbee
The Zantker Charitable Foundation
Shelley Theise
Paul Tillier
Dawn Vermey
Susan and Travis Voglesong
Olga and Constantine Vulakh
Nancy Wachs
Elizabeth and David Wachtel
Claire and Harold Weinberg
Alan Weinstein
Debra Wekstein and David Kravitz
Vernon Wiehe
Shana Sippy and Rabbi David Wirtschafter
Katherine Wolf
Judy Worell
Leanne Zimmerman
Evelyn Zolondek
Janet Zusman

Please excuse any questions, unintentional errors or omissions. Email [email protected] for list adjustments.