JFB Statement on the Recent Distribution of Hate Flyers

By August 14, 2020No Comments

Over the weekend of August 6, 2020 a self-proclaimed White power group distributed leaflets across Central Kentucky.  The leaflet invoked hateful antisemitic, anti-Black, and anti-Latinx racist rhetoric.  Members of this group then telephoned and threatened a leader of the Jewish community who had alerted the media and local law enforcement to this group’s repulsive views.

We, the Jewish community of Central Kentucky, stand united in our condemnation of antisemitism, and against hatred and bigotry in all its forms.  This leaflet reminds us further that attacks on one exposed group of people are actually attacks on us all.  Neither antisemitism, racism nor xenophobia has a place in the Bluegrass, and we call on all people to join us in opposing it.